Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Welcome to the world of my Myriad Sensations.

A long harbored wish has finally been fulfilled.I m starting  my first ever blog here.The feeling is somewhat ecstatic :) I m more of a reader though,but yes,thoughts,when you just can't seem to speak them out,are well worth penning it down.And a huge thanks to one particular woman out there for pushing me ahead to get this done.:P
           Talking of the blog title,well-its pretty randomly selected.I Do have myriad thoughts,variations to my self,and its just taken from all that.Myriad sensations towards the various ways of life.:) 



  1. Oh, I had read this one during exam time only.

    Deb you write really well. :D It was this short sweet love story and i loved it. :D


  2. You commented for this intro post Komo.:) anyho-Thankies!