Monday, September 17, 2012

Harry and Ginny- "All this Time"

Okay.Now have been suffering from a long standing “Blog” writer’s block and didn’t knew what to do with it.To get over it, tried to Google topics to write about and what not, but to no avail. And just then,this idea just popped into my mind.The Harry-Ginny fever simply won’t go away and I don’t even want it to. And listening and watching this fan-video on the song “All this time” by One Republic made me go back and lose myself in the amazing epic story that is of Harry and Ginny’s.
        In Jo Rowling’s own words,He was a sort of Rock-God to her when she first saw him.She knew he was this famous boy wizard who had defeated, held back Voldermort  when he was a mere toddler.She was a fan,an admirer,lots of those.And then she learnt he was one of  her brother’s best friends. And then he came in her life.She was intimidated in his presence, just like any eleven year old would be when finding his/her hero in her own kitchen one fine morning.Then,he saved her.It was  the traditional idea of the knight in shining armour saving the imprisoned princess from the clutches of the monster..She was still “very much taken” by him.And then slowly,she grew to know him-the REAL him.The man behind the "Chosen One" tag.
     The basis for love is the choice we make.What we consider the best for us,who we consider it sharing with.Harry chose Ginny when he thought of someone special for him.SHE was HIS Chosen One.They knew there was too much at risk for them.It was war-time.But she waited.She fought bravely along with him and her friends and she did all that was possible  in her power to help make a better world for them in future.They connected on a level that was much more than some mere attraction or his fascination with her red hair or the Weasley freckles or anything.They were real-soulmates  and  always were MEANT TO BE.It was not something that was out of blue,as some seem to think it was.It was always there,in bits and pieces and it took its full form when both realized it was the perfect time for them to be together.
   An epic love story like theirs, that is all encompassing and amazing and beautiful, love’s keen desires, its fulfillment and a need to be with each other,ALWAYS.Thats Harry and Ginny. And well,all said and done,if Rowling wrote them-We OUGHT to ship them..

What better way to get over the writer's block than penning a few words here and there on your OTP,right? The post just affirms the thought. :P 

            Stuck with Harry-Ginny and Harry Potter,till the very end. <3.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The First times...

It was one of those first times, special, different and she loved the feel of it. The sensation that love was. Triggered by something as trivial as his mere thoughts, she felt herself emanating warmth, a glow that was unmistakably of love. She didn’t try to fight the feeling off, because she didn’t want to. She hadn’t felt like that in a long while and so she dared to do just that, to feel, to love.
            They were so different from one-another, as chalk is to cheese. She was accused of being merely obsessed and that to with the idea of being in love rather than with him. But she knew otherwise. Neither did she bother to correct them or try and convince them. It did not matter to her that he was not amongst those drop-dead gorgeous hunks that made girls swoon and go weak-kneed. He was special for her the way he was and that’s how she wanted him to be, forever. She had never felt more womanly and beautiful until this time, until he made her feel so. First times they were, you see!
                                       And then, He was gone one day. Somehow now, the distance between them appeared to be unconquerable. She knew it was coming to this, yet, she knew no other way than keeping the love intact, because loving him was the sole respite she had when she saw it slipping away. It was unfair, having to love someone like that, yet it was only fair thing she could do, because that was what felt right to her. And she did not reduce herself to some inconsolable female slogging after something she realized was unattainable as well. As it happens, the changed circumstances did not even a bit swayed her off how and why she felt for him. Because she knew, what she felt was something very few lucky ones come across and it made her see the world in a completely different light as well, through the eyes of a woman who has matured through feeling what she realized was love.
Haven’t been writing for quite a while, with exams  and everything going on.Was trying to do something worthwhile and  instead came up with this.Its basically nothing, just  a figment of imagination loosely put together. :) 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Coming of Age

As a woman approaching her twentieth year within a few days, it leaves me with a few thoughts to ponder upon the years that have rolled by. Somehow neither eighteen nor twenty one appears to be coming of age to me, eighteen feels too young, while the later feels like OLD!  From the gawky teenager to the bimbo infatuated with something she thought was love (So you know now that was NOT it,Eh!) to being the sensible one who eventually scrambled out of it-I have been it ALL. So,-it now feels like I have grown up, though some people near me are still of a different opinion!
                                              What do you do exactly when you are like approaching twenty?-go jump up and down,  let your hair down and party hard while shrieking  at the top of your voice so that people come to terms with it and  you are able to dull the effects of  the age? Or just remain shut at your place and moan on about the teens you are going to leave behind? I mean, C’mon-I loved being the weirdo female, having not a care in the world. A sense of foreboding seems to be dawning…oh wait-That feels like hammers of something within pestering to be responsible, behave like an adult …Heck- the audacity!
                                      A day out with mum-Dad and the other crazy female, getting some shopping done (Oh,don’t blame me-It’s the GIRL in me)being with the friends, celebrating the accomplishment, reclining on the sofa with a nice book and a cup of coffee at night-Its going to be probably all that. And yes-The thought that crops up-
                                     where is it  I see myself a few years from now on-probably finishing up studies, working as a journalist in some reputed channel, being happy and of course, being with the people who mean the most to me. Have always meant.
    It probably didn’t make sense-the update here, but I was sort of getting icky, trying to get it all out, pen it down. And I did.

             Advanced Happy Twentieth to me lol…

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Its a Love-story..:)

He was the local hooligan; she was the girl next door. He was rough, an avenger even. She was docile, gullible too. He was fourteen, She was ten. It wasn’t meant to be a fairy tale, but it spanned over a period of fifty years and more. It’s a love story-beautiful in its own right, wonderful in its own appeal, delightful when you reminiscence the years that have rolled by.
         They hailed from a small village, simple families and simple backgrounds, but never for once did they think that their lives could entwine with each other, that too, in the sacred marital bond. He was drawn towards some other girl, but could never gather up the courage to go and speak it out to her.She,on the other hand, wasn’t old enough to harbour romantic endeavours in her little heart.He was friends with her youngest uncle and that gave their relationship a different dimension at all. It was, however,not meant to stay that way for a long time.
             She grew up-from being the skinny little lanky kid; she blossomed into a lovely young lady in her teens. And he, a young lad of seventeen. Being an integral part of the  village gang of boys, he  was a regular visitor to her place. They knew each-other, talked, grew to be friends. It was then, that Fate intervened. Following an unfortunate incident, wherein he was accused of having a roving eye for his friend’s niece and hence was debarred from entering her house thereafter.
                    Insulted, hurt and angry, his young blood boiling over at the way he was wronged, He chose to think of  doing the unthinkable-He vowed to marry the same girl, the same girl who had been the reason for his insult, or so he  thought. And that was the moment, he ceased to be the picture perfect hero of the story-the selfless ones you would see generally. He was real, very much so, had his short-comings, was trying to avenge his insult, and yet, there was nothing about it to be termed unjust.  It was all meant to happen that way. And so it did.
                 To set his plan working, he passed her way on the road at times. She ignored it. It went unnoticed mostly. He waited patiently for it to happen, for her to reciprocate back. To feel it back, what he was trying to get her to feel. And then it did. Glances begun to exchange, he passed by her home and she was there on the balcony to just catch a glimpse of him riding in his bicycle. At a circus held at the village, she waited, away from the prying eyes of the others, she waited, waited for him with a packet of nuts. a date.:) Well, not exactly, but THAT was the moment when he knew-she was in love with him. And his conscience hit him. He couldn’t keep up the sham anymore. He had fallen-hook, line and sinker for the girl who had did all that just for him, to get a small smile play on his lips. Fallen for the woman he never thought he would. Fallen for that simple, innocent young lass who had not meant a thing for him ever before that except for a means to avenge his insult, to restore his pride. The fluttering hearts of the young lovers painted so many beautiful canvases of themselves together in their minds and they were all meant to come true. They just knew it. The rides on the bicycle crossing across the fields, the hand-holding, the occasional letters secretly being exchanged,it all was like a leaf out of some fairytale. ”Ra”  was the name he used in his letter, she reverted back with a “Ni”. Their  codenames for each-other. Irrevocably cute that was. Young love. And Destiny was gung-ho about completing it, a matured bond. And then, it was a journey of togetherness thereafter. Coming of age, his dad asked him to get married, he said-he already had his girl. And there she was. What had been an affair kept hidden from the world, was now for the whole world to get to know. People came to see Him get married. They came to see the woman who had it in her to reach out to the heart of this man, someone who they never thought could love, get married. Surely, she must have been one in a million. And so she was.The simple, strong-willed village belle who wooed this goon of a guy. Adapt the plot for a movie, and you would have it as a blockbuster. But there’s so much more to the relationship they shared. Temptations had been there, people coming in and out of their lives which created  situations galore, at times too tough to  handle, yet they had held on-been with each-other,together ,forever..She was a woman of spirit, he, a man of his words,and together they went on to create a world of their own. Amazing, to say the  least. It was much more than mere words can do justice ever.
               Was it a story? No, as I said-It was something real.Grand-mum and Grand-dad-It was them. The two most AMAZING people ever  who had the most special love-story in the world to themselves. I do miss you grand ma, but you continue to be with us, every wakeful moment is a reminder of you being SOO near us all. In every tear that I have seen Granpa shed, I have always seen you there, and so much more.  Last night,I looked up at the sky and wished for something I had waited for so long now, and something made me strongly sense-- it would come true. Love you Amma, and will always do.

Ending it here..
Deblina :)

Welcome to the world of my Myriad Sensations.

A long harbored wish has finally been fulfilled.I m starting  my first ever blog here.The feeling is somewhat ecstatic :) I m more of a reader though,but yes,thoughts,when you just can't seem to speak them out,are well worth penning it down.And a huge thanks to one particular woman out there for pushing me ahead to get this done.:P
           Talking of the blog title,well-its pretty randomly selected.I Do have myriad thoughts,variations to my self,and its just taken from all that.Myriad sensations towards the various ways of life.:)