Saturday, February 25, 2012

The First times...

It was one of those first times, special, different and she loved the feel of it. The sensation that love was. Triggered by something as trivial as his mere thoughts, she felt herself emanating warmth, a glow that was unmistakably of love. She didn’t try to fight the feeling off, because she didn’t want to. She hadn’t felt like that in a long while and so she dared to do just that, to feel, to love.
            They were so different from one-another, as chalk is to cheese. She was accused of being merely obsessed and that to with the idea of being in love rather than with him. But she knew otherwise. Neither did she bother to correct them or try and convince them. It did not matter to her that he was not amongst those drop-dead gorgeous hunks that made girls swoon and go weak-kneed. He was special for her the way he was and that’s how she wanted him to be, forever. She had never felt more womanly and beautiful until this time, until he made her feel so. First times they were, you see!
                                       And then, He was gone one day. Somehow now, the distance between them appeared to be unconquerable. She knew it was coming to this, yet, she knew no other way than keeping the love intact, because loving him was the sole respite she had when she saw it slipping away. It was unfair, having to love someone like that, yet it was only fair thing she could do, because that was what felt right to her. And she did not reduce herself to some inconsolable female slogging after something she realized was unattainable as well. As it happens, the changed circumstances did not even a bit swayed her off how and why she felt for him. Because she knew, what she felt was something very few lucky ones come across and it made her see the world in a completely different light as well, through the eyes of a woman who has matured through feeling what she realized was love.
Haven’t been writing for quite a while, with exams  and everything going on.Was trying to do something worthwhile and  instead came up with this.Its basically nothing, just  a figment of imagination loosely put together. :) 


  1. THAT was lovely...sad but lovely Debz!!!!

    the flow was good, the transformation from trying to feel the beauty of love n the eart-break as well.....

    btw I liked ur theme....classic n contemporary!!!

  2. Thanks a LOT for commenting Payal :)I m flattered,really,how you noted the nuances of the piece!Even though i threatened you on to it.haha!

  3. See m a good observer , (points to two delusionals for right away blaming...hehehe);)

    ya threatened pyar

  4. I loved it Debzz.. and I agree to everything that Pally has said...

    U r a very good writer Debzz :)