Thursday, January 19, 2012

Coming of Age

As a woman approaching her twentieth year within a few days, it leaves me with a few thoughts to ponder upon the years that have rolled by. Somehow neither eighteen nor twenty one appears to be coming of age to me, eighteen feels too young, while the later feels like OLD!  From the gawky teenager to the bimbo infatuated with something she thought was love (So you know now that was NOT it,Eh!) to being the sensible one who eventually scrambled out of it-I have been it ALL. So,-it now feels like I have grown up, though some people near me are still of a different opinion!
                                              What do you do exactly when you are like approaching twenty?-go jump up and down,  let your hair down and party hard while shrieking  at the top of your voice so that people come to terms with it and  you are able to dull the effects of  the age? Or just remain shut at your place and moan on about the teens you are going to leave behind? I mean, C’mon-I loved being the weirdo female, having not a care in the world. A sense of foreboding seems to be dawning…oh wait-That feels like hammers of something within pestering to be responsible, behave like an adult …Heck- the audacity!
                                      A day out with mum-Dad and the other crazy female, getting some shopping done (Oh,don’t blame me-It’s the GIRL in me)being with the friends, celebrating the accomplishment, reclining on the sofa with a nice book and a cup of coffee at night-Its going to be probably all that. And yes-The thought that crops up-
                                     where is it  I see myself a few years from now on-probably finishing up studies, working as a journalist in some reputed channel, being happy and of course, being with the people who mean the most to me. Have always meant.
    It probably didn’t make sense-the update here, but I was sort of getting icky, trying to get it all out, pen it down. And I did.

             Advanced Happy Twentieth to me lol…

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